GymDJ Mobile is going live today! The mobile site features the latest three songs posted, links to download said songs, and the very last blog post. It will stay current with the website, so every time the website is updated the mobile site will follow. GymDJ Mobile is optimized for mobile devices with larger screens. In theory the iPhone, iPod Touch, HTC, and Android will display correctly. Devices like the Blackberry or other devices with screen sizes smaller than 320 pixels wide may not show the content correctly. iPhone and iPod Touch users can add GymDJ Mobile to your home screen and an icon will appear giving you easier access to the mobile site.

Visit GymDJ Mobile

You can visit GymDJ Mobile two ways. If you are on your mobile device, visit the site normally by going to and you will be redirected to the mobile site. The other way is to visit and you will be taken directly there.

Mobile Issues

GymDJ Mobile was tested on an iPod Touch so if you experience any problems or issues with the mobile site or the redirect is not working from your mobile device please leave a comment on this page and I will look into the issue(s).