GymDJ is starting a series of name that tune contests beginning Monday, July 26, 2010. The contests will be exclusively for GymDJ’s Facebook fans so if you are not a fan join now.

Here’s the deal

Beginning Monday’s at high noon (central) a blog post will go live with 6 to 8 songs, 5 seconds each, in the music player on the page. The clips will be music only, at various times in the song, no fading between tracks, and tracks will be from all genres of pop music, all years. HINT: Some tracks may or may not be listed on GymDJ so check out those BPM archives! The contest will be open for one(1) week and one(1) winner will be notified by the following Monday. My goal is to have a contest every month. Blog & social network notifications will go out before each contest.

How do I play

  1. “Like” GymDJ’s Facebook fan page
  2. Listen to the contest song clips, when posted
  3. Leave a comment at the bottom of the contest page with the artist & song name in the order they are played
  4. Wait to hear if you’ve won

How do I win

You win ONLY if you are a GymDJ Facebook fan AND you are the first person to correctly name 80% of more of the songs in the order they are played. So if I post 6 songs you have to correctly name and list 5 of the 6 songs, it’s like I give you one free. If someone names 100% correctly they will win, if not it’s the first person to get 80% or better. NOTE: You must use the email address you log into Facebook with so I can make sure you are a fan. The winner will be notified through Facebook.

What do I win

$10.00USD gift card to the iTunes Music store, available to any section of iTunes.

Other info

There is no limit on winning multiple times in a row. Facebook and iTunes are not affiliates or sponsors for this contest. Winners must be Facebook fans of GymDJ and correctly list the artist and song name in playlist order to be entered in the contest. One entry per person, multiple comments will be void.

How many beats can you name that tune in?