Staying fit has never been so much fun with FigureRunning, the new sport that combines mobile technology, creative drawing with the good old-fashioned running workout. Sketch a funny doodle using running power alone. Write messages to your loved ones. Create your own custom masterpieces on a colossal scale and share it with your friends. It gives a whole new meaning to “the art of running.”

FigureRunning is a free mobile running app for Apple ($1.99 Version) and Android devices. The app itself makes use of your handset’s global positioning system or GPS to track and monitor your movement in real time, so you need mobile data access. This is somewhat similar to the GPS service offered by Verizon, the VZ Navigator.

FigureRunning - Running AppThe running app then plots your movement with a line, similar to how you move a pencil across the surface of a piece of paper. With the world literally your canvas, you can then start running to draw lines and shapes across the map. You can switch between different pencil colors, and switch off the pencil tool to “cut” the line and start a new one. It also provides you with a size-adjustable eraser tool that you can use to correct your drawing mistakes. FigureRunning also has a Drop Dot feature that lets you manually trigger your phone’s GPS when you need to switch direction (such as drawing a corner) for areas where your data connection is slow.

You will be able to see your progress in real time on your smartphone’s FigureRunning map navigation screen. While tracing, the running app also measures the total distance that you cover, including erasures and backtracks. It’s no surprise that you will find yourself running across the bushes, jumping over picket fences, or circling roundabouts multiple times. The best way to start creating running art is to first plan a route that you will take through the map to come up with the shapes that you want to draw. Of course, as with using any fitness app or exercise regimen, you need to condition yourself first and foremost. Remember to do some stretches and breathing exercises before embarking on your FigureRunning adventure. And most important of all, have fun running and creating FigureRunning art. It’s not about competing with others. It’s not about running from zombies (although that can be fun as well). It’s about being creating while being healthy and fit, the fun way.

Once you finish your FigureRunning art, you can then save it to your photo album. From there, you can upload it to your FigureRunning account or immediately share it with your friends via Twitter or Facebook. The running app is also compatible with other running apps such as RunKeeper and Nike+. You can have fun creating mystery drawings and afterwards, let your friends figure out with you conjured up.  The possibilities are virtually endless – you can always find hidden shapes all over your neighborhood map. Put your running shoes on and start creating art on a massive scale with FigureRunning today.

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