Yog, a free running app, that connects you with other runners around the world – making running more social. Download this iPhone fitness app and add friends to your miles. Schedule a run with your friends through Facebook or leave it public so other runners in your area can opt to join the run. Far away from your running buddies? Schedule a virtual run where the app will track how much each person has run and issue audio notifications when the user completes a mile or passes another runner.

Some of Yog’s features are:

  • Run with other runners from all over the world, in real-time
  • Schedule runs and send invites via Facebook, Twitter, Texts, Email
  • Create virtual races with runners around the world
  • Listen to audio of your choosing during the run
  • Track your progress
  • Earn medals for every run you complete
  • Chart your performance with calories burned, pace and other run stats
  • And Much More

Yog’s running app is perfect for beginners looking for running partners to stay motivated, competitive runners seeking training partners and/or running club organizers looking to host virtual races and organize weekly meet-ups. No word on an Andriod app yet. Download Yog for Free