Toykult’s new album, Narcisstika, is yours to download free. This free version of Narcisstika is licensed for your personal use under Creative Commons
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If you fancy remixing let Toykult know. For other permissions beyond the scope of this license please contact:

Narcisstika Tracklist:

  1. Eyes of Vin Diesel
  2. Monkey Mo
  3. Narcisstika
  4. Evolve
  5. Super Cleaner
  6. Unky Little
  7. Angel Exterminador
  8. Automatic Addict
  9. Toyfou
  10. Like a Dog
  11. Curly Wurly Kit Kat
  12. Soulless
  13. Electronic Shit

Download the entire album, released 7/8/09

Download Narcisstika by right clicking and “Saving Link As”