Music is a big part of my workouts. It gets me motivated and keeps me motivated. From the moment I press play, I’m ready to go for a run or lift weights. The right music has a way of getting me connected into a zone where at my best.

How do you consistently hit that zone with music? With a playlist. Services like GymDJ provide you with playlist that will no doubt keep you moving, but why is a music playlist so important to a workout? Here are a few ideas:

5 Benefits of Having a Workout Music Playlist

  1. Convenience: Ever stand on the gym floor or at the start of your run deciding what you’re going to listen? It starts out as a good idea but minutes later, you’ve wasted time and energy. With a playlist, the music is set and you just have to hit play.
  2. Stimulation: Playlists can be geared towards certain workouts. A running playlist probably isn’t the same as a yoga one. Music that is specifically compiled to stimulate action will get you to disconnect from your external environment and really dial into what you’re doing.
  3. Sync Up: Ever get distracted at the gym or on a run and lose your rhythm? It’s frustrating when it happens and can leave you figuring out how to get back in rhythm. A solid music playlist can help you reset and get back in the mindset and recall key movements or gait while you’re exercising. When you’re establishing a pace or rhythm, you’ll do anything to keep it going. Eventually, something will take you off course, a well crafted playlist will get you back into focus.
  4. Timing: Certain workouts call for certain playlists, for me, a short and long run have very different music. A short run has music that is up tempo, short songs and keeps me moving at a faster pace. For those long runs, I need a playlist that will keep me from getting out too fast and finish strong. It should be well-balanced and fit the activity.
  5. The Power Song: Every playlist has one. There’s that one song that gives you a boost when you need it most. It’s kind of like having your friends cheering you on as you get close to the finish line. A Power Song is intended to elevate your performance. There’s almost always an emotional connection to a song that will either get you started or leave you wanting more as you finish. Try and find yours in your next playlist.

The power of playlist shouldn’t go overlooked. Leave the shuffle setting for the ride home from work. When it’s time to get to work in the gym, you want a targeted music mix that delivers a consistent sound to match your intensity.

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Chris Narbone
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