Making the most of your workout is more psychological than you may have first thought. After your warm up and pre-workout boost drink, you need to make sure the tunes you’re jamming to are going to keep you going until the very end. Whether you’re going solo with your headphones or watching the music video on a big screen in the gym, these 5 banging tracks will help you to push your limits and reach your goals.

Steve Aoki & Iggy Azalea – Beat Down

If you’re looking for an intense workout, you’ll need something edgy to get you in the mood. If seeing Iggy Azalea isn’t enough ‘fitspiration’ for you, listening to her feisty lyrics is sure to make you work harder in those last 10 minutes of your workout. At 110 bpm, this song is perfect for cardio and aggressive enough to keep you on track.

Salt & Pepper – Push It

An absolute classic that no one can deny, you’ll no doubt have heard this playing at your local gym before. Even the music video attire was gym appropriate back in the day – apart from the long hanging chains of course! The steady beat of Salt & Pepper is perfect for toning and muscle building. You need something that’s going to guide your reps and help you p-push it real good (sorry!)

Culture Beat – Mr Vain

The old ones are always the best aren’t they? Mr Vain is an essential track for any dance aerobics playlist. Dance aerobics needs to be fun and build the attendee’s confidence. If you’re an instructor, you may find that members find it easier to learn the dance moves as this will most likely be a song they recognise. The beat is easy to follow and uplifting, so even the more reluctant members won’t be able to help but join in!

Chemical Brothers – Galvanize

At 104 bpm it might not have the fastest pace, but it definitely has the guts to spur you on. The Chemical Brothers have created some brilliant tracks, but this has to be one of their best! Lyrics such as ‘don’t hold back’ are all the motivation you need to go the extra mile. Released in 2005, the track has all that we want from an up-tempo club tune, without the awkward dubstep beats of today.

Katrina & The Waves – Walking on Sunshine

Let’s be honest – we don’t get much sun in Britain. So, if you can’t bear the weather outside, create your own sunny day inside. When you’ve finished your workout you’ll feel on top of your game. This cheerful tune will match your mood as your body releases feel-good endorphins.

It’s not always about putting your headphones on and ignoring the world though. Sometimes the best workouts are those we share. If you’re a fitness instructor, you may want to consider playing these tracks for all to hear. Sound systems and display screens work perfectly in a gym as attendees feel as if they’re working together on their goals.

It also means those who forget their headphones have no excuse to skip the gym!

About the Author:

Suzanne - Avonics
Suzanne writes for Avonics, an audio, video and lighting solutions specialist with over 16 years’ experience. Often spotted in the Gym, she enjoys interval and strength training.