Listed below are seven types of people you may or may not have encountered at the gym. They are:

1.) Ma! Look at Me!

The Ma! Look at me! types are begging for attention. They are the weight lifters that scream after every rep or drop the weights inducing a thunderous boom throughout the gym. Also included in this list are the women that sport full makeup to the gym. Doesn’t the makeup drip in your eyes when you sweat?

2.) Pigpens

Pigpens are the people that reek and somehow seem to find you on the only available treadmill during the peak hours. On the flip side, the people that bathe in cologne or perfume. Either way a green cloud of stink seems to stick to each machine after they use it.

3.) I’m Here Because It’s Hip

These are the people that love to be seen at the gym but never quite accomplish anything. One day at the gym I witnessed a lady, in pretty good shape, walking on the treadmill, at an astonishing speed of 2.0, while talking on her cell phone and drinking a Venti (or Big Glup size) Starbucks drink. I guess it makes sense…drink goes in, calories come out…eventually.

4.) Chatty Cathy’s

You have one more machine to do but a group of four has been chatting about dinner from five nights ago. One sits on the machine, ready to exercise and the other three create a barrier around the first. Chat it up in the locker room folks!

5.) I’m Better Than You and I’ll Show You

Another true story, there are three treadmills at this small gym. A buddy and I have the two outer treadmills and a dude jumps on the middle one. Note: my buddy was a cross country runner all throughout high school and this story takes place my freshman year of college. My buddy’s speed 7.0, my speed 6.0, homeboys speed 5.5. Why do I know this you ask? He was obviously comparing our speeds. He jumps up to 6.0, then 6.5, then 8.0. Now he’s got us…but wait, 9.0 on my buddy’s treadmill. That’s impossible! This dude drops his speed faster than a cat can lick its ass. (I don’t know why I wanted to use a southern expression there. Did it work?)

6.) Lap Lane Loungers

I love to wait for a lap lane when the pool is crowded and one of the lanes is occupied by someone relaxing in it. Really. It’s ok.

7.) I’m Comfortable with Myself

This is a family workout blog so I won’t get into details but I have stories and have heard stories of the people that like to walk around the locker room buck naked. I understand you have to shower or shaved but your junk doesn’t need to be swinging in the breeze.

What are some types of people you meet at the gym?